The E.A.P. is an employment-based health service program designed to assist in the identification and resolution of a broad range of employee personal concerns that may affect job performance. These programs deal with situations such as substance abuse, marital problems, family troubles, stress and domestic violence, as well as health education and disease prevention.

Offering an EAP with work/life services not only demonstrates that the employer is concerned about the well-being of its employees, it also increases workplace productivity. A Cornell University study involving the “100 Best” companies found that generous work/life benefits were linked with happier, hard-working employees, customers who received better quality products and enhanced service, and with an improved bottom line!

  • EAPs are a proven, cost effective solution to many of the problems employers face today. Research shows that each dollar invested in an EAP saves the employer $5.00-$16.00.
  • EAPs can reduce sick leave usage by 33%, work related accidents by 65%, workers’ compensation claims by 30%, lost time by 40%, grievances by 50%, and time spent on supervisor reprimands by 74%.
  • Employers tell us they invest in EAPs for many reasons. They do so to help employees having personal problems, including those that impact the job, to increase workplace productivity and morale, to support retention and recruitment, and to reduce medical costs.
  • Troubled employees are at least 20% less productive than the average worker. In fact, a study published recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association estimated that the cost of lost productivity to only one disorder, major depression, is over $31 billion annually

The EAP program options for companies large or small include:

  • Customized EAP Brochures and Posters for your company
  • Welcome to EAP Orientation
  • Priority Service
  • Participation in your company’s annual Health Fair
  • One Training at your request
  • Assessments, Individual Therapy, and Group Therapy

What Our Customers Are Saying….

“Our Employee Assistance Program with Circle Park has been tested and found successful as well as a source of positive growth for each and every employee who has participated. The appointment scheduling is workable around employee work schedules which eliminate those excuses that may arise because of “timing” issues. Our employees have found that personal success is achievable, saving not only their jobs but in some cases marriages as well.” Pepsi-Cola Of Florence, LLC

“PDRTA has used Circle Park for over 15 years. During this time, it has been reassuring to know that when a PDRTA employee needs help, whether financial or emotional, we can refer the employee to Circle Park, and s/he will receive confidential advice and counseling. The quality of training and caliber of instruction meets or exceeds the requirements, and our employees are exceptionally well-trained.” Pee Dee Regional Transportation Authority (PDRTA)

Transforming lives, families — communities.

Our services are designed to make a positive impact on the mental health of the citizen’s of Florence County. Please contact us to talk more about how we can help serve you, your family, your friends, your employees — our neighbors. We’re here to help.