Of the Florence County’s 167,720 residents, 28.7 percent, or approximately 48,135, are under the age of nineteen. Recent statistics reveal over 25 percent of Florence County teenagers use marijuana during a typical 30 day period, over 37 percent use alcohol, 39 percent use tobacco, and over 25 percent use other drugs.  Over half reported that illicit drugs are easy to obtain and almost three-quarters said the same about alcohol.  Other indicators, including drug- and alcohol-related juvenile arrests, in-school incidents involving substance abuse, and illicit sales to minors, have also been on the rise.

Circle Park worked closely with the Twelfth Judicial Circuit Youth Council, the Solicitor’s Office, and other local agencies to implement a juvenile drug court.  The court, which began operations early in 2003, has expanded steadily since that time and now serves dozens of Florence and Marion County Teens and their families each year.  Its primary office is co-located with Circle Park’s adolescent treatment unit, and Circle Park counselors play important roles in the drug court process.

Call 843-664-3947 to reach Adolescent Services.

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