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What is the Chrysalis Center?

The Chrysalis Center is a unique women’s residential treatment facility for women diagnosed with a severe substance use disorder and their young children. Designed to provide a nurturing therapeutic environment, Chrysalis offers an opportunity for children, up to the age of 10, to continue to live on-site with their mothers for 90-120 days depending on eligibility. This approach offers women the opportunity of seeking help without the fear of losing their children. Children residing at the center receive therapeutic services while their mothers gain a new chance at life … a chance to break the cycle of addiction.


We are excited to announce the awarding of a SAMHSA (Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Agency) enhancement grant to the chrysalis center that supports efforts to increase pregnant and post partum women’s admissions; establish evidence based parenting programs, increase on-site medical services including medical assisted therapy , extend the length of stay by 30 days based on eligibility criteria, the use of telehealth that will allow more family/support members participation in treatment with the women/children residing at the chrysalis center and many more exciting additions that you will see listed below.

Pre Admission requirements

  • Must be pregnant or be able to bring at least one child to treatment , are parenting children up to age 10 and have documented proof they cannot have current physical custody of their child/children.
  • Must have a valid assessment completed in your county by the local alcohol and drug outpatient office (Special considerations can be made for those coming from a hospital/detox center that have an assessment from that hospital; or in emergency cases we may be able to do the initial assessment – call us for more information).
  • Must have a severe substance use disorder

General Information

  • Treatment is individual and the length of stay averages 3 to 4 months based on eligibility criteria.
  • Women attend groups daily, such as: Trauma Groups, Substance Abuse Counseling Groups, Parenting Classes, Life Skills, and Medical Edutherapy. Individual Therapy, Family Counseling, Crisis Counseling.
  • Peer Support Specialist Services. Staff who are in long term recovery who help guide/support patients through the treatment/recovery process) are also an important and regular part of the program.
  • Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT). Circle Park is very excited to be able to offer MAT on-site at Chrysalis to all appropriate patients, utilizing Suboxone, Subutex, and Vivitrol. This is due to partnership with Ohio Valley Physicians Group (aka South Carolina Primary Care). Through this on-site partnership, patients also can be assessed for psychotropic medications, and can access general medical care.
  • Opioid education Narcan distribution (OEND) – we cannot stress how important it is for our patients who use opiates and their caregivers to get educated about this life-saving medication. For those who do not have Medicaid/private insurance or cannot afford it – we can assist you in getting Narcan at no cost.
  • TRAUMA INFORMED CARE (TIC). Whether you receive services at our outpatient office – Circle Park BHS or our residential center, The Chrysalis Center, we want you to know that everything we say and do for our patients and their families and for each other as staff strives to support the five elements of TIC. These elements are as follows:
  • Safety: ensuring physical and emotional safety
  • Trustworthiness: being reliable, making tasks clear, maintaining appropriate boundaries
  • Choice: prioritizing patient choice and control
  • Collaboration: including sharing of power with patients
  • Empowerment: prioritizing patient empowerment and skill-building
  • Children under 5-K attend a Therapeutic daycare center onsite. 5-K and older children attend a nearby public elementary school. Infants remain with patients during group until all shots are current and a physician has approved them to attend daycare. A biopsychosocial assessment and age appropriate screenings will be completed and indicate the need for therapeutic daycare.
  • Each family will reside in one room, with no families sharing rooms. Each room has its own bathroom.
  • Visitation allowed after first two (2) weeks in treatment and is allowed every other Sunday, there is no visitation on the fifth Sunday of the month.
    Two personal phone calls are allowed weekly, after first two (2) weeks in treatment
  • Daily restrictions on cigarettes. Seven (7) allowed with no medical concerns. Five (5) allowed if pregnant and/or medical concerns.
    As a part of life skills training, women are required to participate in weekly chores to include duties in their bedrooms and dining room, the community and the kitchen. (Any medical restrictions prohibiting these chores will be followed) Women assist with menus and meal preparation under staff supervision.
  • The women babysit for each other when the therapeutic daycare center is closed (ex. going out to smoke, out on a medical appointment, at a support meeting, etc.) unless medically excused.
  • Medicaid or other insurances accepted. Women that do not have Medicaid can be assisted in obtaining Medicaid once a child/children are in your physical custody at the center If medical detox is necessary, this must be completed prior to admission to Chrysalis. In addition, children of women that completed detox will not join their mother until cleared by Chrysalis medical staff. *If hospitalization is required by the woman after admission to Chrysalis (C-section, detox, etc.), the child/children would need to be picked up from Chrysalis by an approved outside caregiver and not return until the mother is discharged from the hospital and cleared by the Chrysalis medical staff. (Because we are a Clinically Managed Residential Service, physical conditions that require extended bedrest or more intensive medical monitoring may not be appropriate for admission to the program).

Documents needed for Admission

  • Women: Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Women: Copy of Social Security Card
  • Women: Medicaid card and/or insurance cards
  • Women: Valid picture ID
  • Women: SNAP card if receiving services
  • Pregnant women-verification of pregnancy in addition to the above documents

Information For Children’s Admission

The Chrysalis Center is one of a few programs in the state that allows children to join their moms in treatment. This gives the woman the opportunity to parent her own child/children in a learning yet nurturing environment. It is our goal to get the family in the appropriate level of services as soon as possible. This will allow the families to be a part of all the services offered in such a short period of time. Women can get easily frustrated with all of “life’s changes”, being in a new environment, meeting demands and adjusting to the changes that accompany sobriety. Our goal is to help you transition in a timely manner with the younger children in the therapeutic program and school age children attending public school.

Children under 5 years old will attend a therapeutic daycare center onsite. This is a licensed therapeutic daycare center by SC Department of Social Services (DSS) and is governed by the same requirements as a private day care center. Under “No Circumstances” will we allow children in the therapeutic daycare center that do not have all the required documents on file at the Chrysalis Center. DSS makes onsite visits and in part, reviews all pertinent documentation and all required documents must be on file. For this reason, the following items must be faxed or mailed in advance for all children that will be joining their mom in treatment.

***On the day of arrival, children will NOT be allowed to stay if the following documents are not at the center in advance or on their day of arrival. This process will help for a smoother transition for both parent and child.

Children’s Required Documents Prior To Admission

  • Copies of Birth Certificates – (If you need to order a birth certificate– PLEASE DO NOT ORDER IT THROUGH COLUMBIA as this can take weeks to process. Please wait until you get to the Chrysalis Center and we can transport you to Florence Department of Health and Environmental(DHEC) control and you can pay for a copy of a birth certificate that day for $12 per person. The mothers picture ID will be required).
  • Copies of social security cards or letter indicating that the card has been applied for.
  • Current immunization record on DHEC form (Pink card not accepted)