DSS Liaison Clinical Counselor

Job Title:  Clinical Counselor  II, DSS Liaison         

Function:  DSS Clinical Counselor Liaison position stationed at DSS who will assist in drug testing, screening and evaluation of substance use problems facilitate referrals to local SUD provider, and coordinate and improve information sharing between the two entities.  Contributes effectively as a team member, participating in weekly team meetings, sharing   ideas, and communicating with supervisors and other team members.  Provides DSS with timely reports.  Provides in-services trainings as needed on substance use disorders

Core Responsibilities:

1. Demonstrates effective time management by being prompt for work and meetings, efficiently managing time scheduled for direct and indirect services, and meeting all assignment deadlines established by the agency.
2. Works effectively with other agency staff including appropriate personal behavior during work hours, appropriate communications with other staff, participating in agency-wide   activities, and demonstrating a willingness to participate in the overall development of effective/efficient services for agency consumers.
3. Demonstrates a willingness to contribute professional skills and time for unusual circumstances that may require additional work time and assignments outside of customary work hours and assignments.
4. Understands and implements agency “need to know” policy on the access to personally identifiable information and/or client data.
5. Maintains agency, state and federal standards of confidentiality in the handling of sensitive information regarding client clinical data, as well as any personally identifiable information.
6. Demonstrates proficiency in use of computerized data systems utilized by the agency to include the Electronic Health Record.
7. Represents the agency appropriately at meetings and other events as assigned including providing training to referral sources and the public on topics relevant to the mission of the agency.

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Provides the full continuum of individual and group model clinical counseling, and duties according to quality standards established by the agency.  Is privileged for and provides specific services in accordance with the Clinical Supervision Plan as directed by supervisory personnel and outlined in each employee written goals and objectives document.
2. Provides crisis intervention services to call-in and walk-in clients as needed.
3. Assists other clinical staff with staffing cases, placement decisions, and treatment methods/materials.
4. Learns and implements evidence based treatment and other modalities.
5. Contributes effectively as a team member, participating in weekly team meetings, sharing ideas, and communicating with supervisors and other team members.
6. Maintains accurate records as required by DAODAS, Medicaid and agency policy/procedures, as assigned.
7. Maintains current licensures and/or certification necessary for the position and provides evidence of same in addition to evidence of all required training to the personnel department in a timely manner.
8. Maintains client records according to quality standards regarding clinical content and timely entry as established by DAODAS, Medicaid and agency policy/procedures...
9. Performs other duties as assigned by supervisors.
10. Provides after hours and emergency coverage as needed.
11. Becomes integrated into the DSS team by attending their treatment teams, trainings, home visits with case workers, and serving as a consultant representing SUD Provider.
12. Helps DSS identify clients that are appropriate for treatment.
13. Also available to attend any Family court proceedings following the 42 CFR guidelines.

Minimum Qualifications:  Bachelor Degree in human service related field required (such as counseling, social work or psychology.  Other degrees will be considered based on relevance to position and acceptability to DAODAS/SCAADAC for credentialing purposes).  Provisional certification as an alcohol and drug counselor by an agency approved association is required post employment.  Related work experience desirable.

Send or email resume to:

Human Resources Office
Circle Park BHS
P.O. Box 6196
Florence, SC 29502-6196.
No Phone Calls.

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